Fenotag - Heat Seal or Sew Laundry Tags in Hems of Terry and Flat Linen

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Fenotag Sewable Laundry Tag

RFID Tags delivered on reel for Auto Insertion

- Save Labor Costs -

Fenotag Laundry Tag with EPC - Data Matrix and Human Readable Value

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Zebra RFID Hand Held MC3330R Reader
Fenotag Industrial RFID Laundry Tags
Fenotags on Reel for Auto Inserting Laundry Tags - save time and labor

Heat Seal, Insert or Sew RFID Tag to Fabric

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           Touchless identification

                      of sterile items

  • Reduce the handling of garments and flat goods.
  • Fenotag woven RFID labels for Scrubs, PPE, Flat Linens, Curtains, Garments etc.
  • Branded inventory control with contactless item counts.
  • EPC Global and ISO 18000-6C compliant UHF RFID Laundry tags.
  • Good for at least 200 commercial laundry cycles.